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Friday, 22 July 2016

Current Thoughts


    Welcome back to my blog! How are you?

    For this post, I'm simply just going to type! I know, I could/ should of written this in my journal but hey ho. I don't really know what's going to come from this but just go with this, okay?

    First up, confidence. Throughout my life so far my confidence has been growing. I used to be so shy and timid... It's weird thinking about how different I am now. The confidence I have; the ability I have to hold my own: to lead; to participate; to be myself. Just to embrace life and smile.
    When I am confident I am my happiest!

     Although I am confident about who I am and who I am becoming (ah! growing up!) that's not to say I see myself as flawless. I -like anyone else- still have my moments of self doubt as well as often thinking about self improvement. Self improvement is often seen in a negative light and when you wish to improve something about yourself you often get met with the classic "what are talking about? Your perfect" or "why would someone like you need to do this or that". I see it as way of bettering (if that's not a word I apologies...) yourself, becoming the person you want to be... Its like cutting your hair or growing your nails (both of witch I've done recently). 

     Change is good!

     That sort of brings me nicely onto my physical appearance. Lets go. I'm not really particularly fat but I definitely wouldn't call myself skinny. I would like to tone up here and there (mainly my abs area) but I don't want to obsess over losing weight. First of all working out and eating healthily means naturally you will gain muscle and muscle weighs more that fat meaning you might put on weight but you could still slim down. Comparing your weight day by day is not doing yourself justice of the hard work you've put in! I would like to lose a little bit of weight but I am mainly going for just a more slim, toned body... I can judge that by eye.

    I'm a thinker not a doer!

     What are you good at? I'm good at spending days and days thinking about all the stuff I could be doing... instead of actually doing them.  Don't get me wrong I really do love sleeping, watching 'rubbish' TV, snuggling down for a good DVD, looking up workouts and healthy breakfasts on Pinterest... My small unofficial goal for the next week is to do more.

    Okay! I think for today we'll leave it there! Thank you for taking the time to read all this blabber (I wonder if you even made it all the way down here). Remember to come back soon!



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